About Us

Independent Pizza & Cocktail Bar with the little pink door.


Our Pizza’s are made using the freshest of ingredients. There is an open kitchen where you get that immersive experience. The pizza dough is stretched, dressed and cooked right in front of your very eyes.


Our dough is naturally fermented for 48 hours, making it nice and light.

Amazing airy crust with a thin and firm base, no sloppy face off here.

We source our meats from the finest British farms, the animals are ethically reared and live their best life. 

The charcuterie comes from small independents, who cut, cure and smoke their meat in small batches and it taste’s ridiculously good, more so once cooked in the Gozney oven


In a world of greys, we’re wanting to be bold and stand out where everything else looks the same, we want to be different, bright colours, happy people, great food, good times.


We want people to come as they are, be it in a hoodie or a LBD. No matter what, there’s great music to dance to, amazing pizza to eat and even better cocktails to drink!


Wednesday - Thursday / 5pm - 9pm

Friday - Saturday / 5pm - 9pm 
Sunday / 5pm - 9pm


You want a pizza me?

7 London Rd,

Alderley Edge,


Tel: 01625 586-263
Email: hello@lesdeuxpizzabar.com

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